Project Methodology

Isaak Designís guiding principle is collaboration. Our goal is to assemble a team that provides the highest quality professional expertise in order to ensure our clientsí success in functionality, aesthetics and value. It is only through a thorough understanding of the clientís functional requirements, site opportunities, budget and time constraints, that the constructed project meets or exceeds the expectations of all who will be using the building.

Design Philosophy

Each project presents unique challenges and opportunities for excellence of design. Our practice is distinguished by responsive, client-oriented services. IDís goal is to provide a problem solving design process, contextually appropriate design expression, dedication to our clientís economic and aesthetic objectives, and attention to technical detail.


Sustainability is integral to IDís philosophy from both an environmental and cost perspective. We strive to fulfill our responsibilities as custodians of our environment for future generations, while ensuring project feasibility and life cycle cost analysis. Our staff is LEED accredited to ensure that each project exceeds code required energy efficiency and sustainability whether or not the owner chooses to pursue LEED certification.

Cost Control

A well designed architectural project directs the capital investment to where it generates the greatest value. Cost control involves working with the Owner to establish a cost control program consisting of an initial program/budget, periodic statements of Probable Construction Cost, and a prioritized set of proposed alternatives that can be used to adjust the as-bid construction cost. Life Cycle cost analysis and Value Engineering are inherent elements in our design process. Our role involves advising the Owner if changes in program requirements or design decisions call for corresponding changes in the established budget.

Consultant Selection

The consultants we choose are among the best in their field of expertise. From surveying, civil, structural and mechanical to acoustical, landscape and interiors we find the best people and firms to maximize the Ownerís investment in their building and site. Of course, not every project requires every discipline and we work with the owner to ensure appropriate and timely decision making.


ID uses the most appropriate technology to benefit our clients. At the early phases a pencil and tracing paper may be the tool of choice for schematic design, while design development and construction documents benefit from our use of industry standard tools such as AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop, Revit, and SketchUp. We use a number of specialty programs for adjacency and spatial analyses in addition to industry standard office, graphics, and database software. ID rigorously safeguards all of our data with nightly backup, data verification, and off-site storage of project data.